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May 17, 1999 Permalink

I’ve been an amateur astronomer and weather watcher for almost thirty years, and I can assure you that the contrails that are being discussed in connection with the ‘chemtrail’ issues are NOT the same type as are created by high-flying ((25,000 ft.+) jet traffic. I started seeing these unusual trails in the NY metro area last fall. These so-called ‘chemtrails’ that I have personally witnessed are made by relatively low-flying aircraft, at an altiude I estimated to be approximately 15,000 feet - very low for any jet aircraft, as jet engines are less efficient at such low altitudes. These aircraft were not on transcon flights, as I witnessed one particular jet track back and forth across the sky for well over two hours. I kept it in sight with binoculars as it went into the distance, saw it turn 180 degrees, and start to lay down another trail next to the previous one it had laid. This went on, as I say, for over two hours, until the aircraft had laid a gridwork over the entire sky visible from my location. At the same time that this was occuring, I observed commercial air traffic at cruising altitude well above the plane laying the trails. These aircraft left NO trails of any kind, as a front had just gone through the night before and the air mass contained very low levels of humidity from ground level to the stratosphere. This low humidity was confirmed by NOAA data I obtained for that date.

This observation occured in mid-January of this year (1999). A few day afterwards, my wife, mother and father (along with a sizeable percentage of the NY metro area) came down with severe flu-like symptoms that required bed rest for at least two weeks, and a prolonged period of convalescence for many weeks thereafter. I lost two weeks of work by having to take care of them, as they ran extremely high recurrent fevers and were totally incapacitated. Visiting their doctors, I learned that there was an epidemic of a flu-like (NOT influenza, however) respiratory illness in full swing in the area, and that hospitals were so full that patients were being cared for out in the halls and maintenance areas. A virus or bacterium was never isolated, to my knowledge. I took massive doses (up to 20 grams/day) of vitamin C with bioflavonoids during this period, which had fended off illness previously. I believe it kept me from getting too sick, but I felt awful all throughout February and March, as if I were suffering from a mild, prolonged case of whatever this illness was.

In my mind, the two events - the unusual contrail-making aircraft observation and the following mysterious epidemic - will forever be linked. Judging from observations around the country, other people have made similar links. Please understand that until this past March, well after this incident, I had never heard of these ‘chemtrails’ and so was not prejudiced in any manner.

I hope the truth emerges on these occurences, and soon.

—J.T., Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 05/17/99

Here in west Michigan, a couple of months ago, my wife and I saw some cloud patterns that were definitely man made. It was after dark and the moon was like a spotlight lighting these trails up. They were running east and west. There were a dozen or so, side by side, equally spaced, uniform in length,starting over the lake and ending over our heads, and spreading. We called friends to find someone who could get pictures( drat! didn’t turn out). What I want to say to the sceptics is that once you see something so obviously “put” there, it will become a known for you too. It is what it is. Ask everyone you know to watch the sky. One of them will spot these things. The people at www.islandnet.com/~wilco have already got a line on someone who had this stuff tested. It fell in weblike gobs. It contains a banned pesticide called ethylene dibromide, among other things(tested at Aqua-tech Environmental of Marion, Ohio, Sept.,97). Also try www.sightings.com Are you a real GI, or just a Sears GI?

—MJ, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 05/17/99

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