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May 23, 1999 Permalink

Did anybody else catch that 60 Minutes Y2K segment? Now everyone and their cousin will be out buying up supplies from now until Janurary 1st. According to the segment, the best prepared county in the country, Montgomery County, Maryland still had a lot of problems and to fix one payroll problem it took sixty days. Then they get Senator Bennet on there to try to dismiss any possibly of martial law sweeping across the country by claiming that the “U.S. doesn’t have the mechanism for martial law”. Yeah right and I’m Darth Vader. With all the apocalyptic hysteria that will build as we approach January 1st, there will be so much craziness that even if martial law sweeps across the country, there won’t be enough soldiers and police to handle it.

Overall, the segment only reinforces the possibility of massive disruption all over the world because of Y2K. Even if the United States is the best prepared country, we’ll still collapse because the majority of our economy depends on trade with non-compliant countries. So anybody else out there that’s not prepared better do so now or they’ll be roadkill in the ‘Mad Max’ world that is coming.

—Daniel Perez, comp.software.year-2000, 05/23/99

The Red Cross was initially saying 3 days. Standard FEMA preparation.

Some have recommended this to be a week.

Some of us are planning for four to six months.

Some of us are moving to remote locales and planning to live off the land, effectively indefinitely.

Myself, I’m planning to store food, energy, water for the four to six months scenario. Not because I think it is “likely” that this will be needed, but because it doesn’t cost much to store this amount of extra food and to prepare in other ways. And if this scenario unfolds, and I survive, then I hope to have the gold and guns and suchlike to trade for more supplies in a rebuilding economy.

(This scenario I call “Surviving the Great Burnoff,” because anything lasting more than a few months will do a lot more than decimate America’s population. Dieback in the ghettoes may exceed 90%)

—Tim May, comp.software.year-2000, 05/23/99

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