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We come from a homesteading background, spent many years off the power grid, so our preparation isn’t quite as dire as some, but we are investing so much time, money and thought into doing two years work in a few months (weeks?) that the stress is great. I cannot imagine the stress of preparations on folks without this background, or live in the city or without a water source.

This forum is so valuable to so many who never post, I am sure. I have posted and been “trolled” for being ignorant. I have seen postings of if you don’t have anything “important” to say/ask/contribute, stay quiet. And I have also seen many of the “regulars” be very understanding and willing to explain to newbies.

We newbies are a tender bunch. We don’t have time, we don’t, in most cases, have enough money or resources or knowledge to get any where near ready. This produces a level of anxiety that can lead to some difficulty in putting preparation/learning/day-to-day existance in anything less than an unhealthy balance. I went through it and will admit to the world right now, I have been on Paxil for three months. But now I can better put things into perspective.

—Lilly, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 05/26/99

OK, I’m back.

Captain Dave and the many e-mails he has received convinced me to write more of the diary. I can’t believe that about 12 people per week have written asking about the diary. Thank you! And to all those who missed these updates, I apologize, but we had some family troubles/personal issues that took up much of my time. Well, I guess the truth is that Jill objected to all the time (and money) that I have been spending on Y2K and so I had to take a break, and that included not writing this stuff. I am back, for now, and hope to be able to write at least weekly. So I guess she wasn’t quite as supportive and willing to prepare for Y2K as I thought. But I know also that I am not the only one to face this situation. All the positive media coverage lately and good report cards helped convince her that I was over reacting.

And that’s a frightening prospect, because it means millions of people who might have prepared are not doing so. But more on this another day.

The good news is that we have worked out a compromise we can both live with and Y2K no longer causes an argument in our house. Also, the income tax refund just arrived, so our financial situation has improved somewhat. Not enough that I can get away with buying another gun, but perhaps enough to add some more ammo!

(Speaking of guns, I have seen a nice stainless model 10/22 Ruger rifle in Walmart. It comes with a synthetic stock and is about $189. We already have a 10/22, -- the boys like it -- and I would like to buy this one if it ever goes on sale. Just don’t tell Jill, OK?)

—Jack, Diary of a Survivalist, 05/26/99

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