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May 27, 1999 Permalink

I received this letter today from a pastor.

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Today I write with a heavy heart and spirit.

I found out about y2k through your site in September 1997 long before anyone even heard of it. I continued to research the problem and became convinced that y2k is indeed a systemic problem. Either the whole system gets fixed or it is broken. The implications instantly became clear as I realized how dependent our society is on computers.

As a pastor I prayed about how to alert my church and what I should do. I prayed and fasted for three days for direction. I was impressed that I was to stay and help God’s people in this area, which is semi-rural, a 6-7 on a scale of 10.

I began to share my y2k concerns with my parishoners during my visitations. Word began to spread that I was scaring people so I decided to go public. In October of last year I held a y2k seminar in our church. The board was totally opposed and did not attend. I had about 25 from the community attend. From that meeting, I was invited by a Chamber of Commerce (who was concerned about the power) exec to hold a weekly y2k meeting in the Chamber building which I have done since January. There has been over 200 people to go through these meetings and a group of about 25 attend regularly. Only two from my church attend.

At our last church board meeting, a banker (we have three of them on our board), made a motion that I take out the y2k meeting announcement out of the bulletin since it was not sponsered by the church. I objected saying that while it was not an officially sponsored church meeting it was part of my ministry and deserved to be in the bulletin. His motion was seconded and carried.

After much contemplation, I took it out. But announced the meeting verbally. So far, no feedback. I don’t expect any until the next board meeting.

My church has their fingers in their ears, and a lock on the money box. I am thinking of resigning. . . .

—Gary North, garynorth.com, 05/27/99

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