Happy Hamenorah

Ecumenical holiday greetings to all.

McCain’s Concession Speech Transcript, Audience Only: A Play in One Act




















Hacktracking, Indiana Congressional Edition

“Zirkle jerk”: 210 results and counting.

Elitism: The San Francisco Treat

Test post from Blog It, powered by TypePad!


I would just like to point out that despite how the paperback appears on Amazon.com, it is not, in fact, unusually tall and narrow for a novel. There’s a white margin, as the borders around the image in the previous entry indicate. The book is dimensionally proportionate, novel-wise.

Update: I just noticed that when you hover over the link below and the little Snap Shots popup of the Amazon page appears [a dubious feature I may remove soon], there is a border around the cover image. Go figure.

THE END AS I KNOW IT Now Available in Paperback

Anchor Books has released the softcover edition of The End as I Know It: A Novel of Millennial Anxiety. It has a great new cover, designed by Helen Yentus.

Look for it at your favorite bookstore. If they don’t have it, ask them what in the world they’re thinking, not carrying this book. But not in a belligerent way. Or you can find it on Amazon.com. And apparently, it’s also available for the Kindle. I’ve never actually seen a Kindle, but someone out there must have them—they’re sold out!

In other news, I had a feature called On This Day Pre-Y2K on this site when the TEAIKI hardcover came out. I stopped maintaining it in May; it was time-consuming, and the material gets rather repetitive after a while. But this past December, as the “pre-Y2K” window approached the Y2K rollover itself, I thought it might be interesting to check in on what some of the “doombrood” were saying immediately prior to the dreaded date—and immediately after, as it became clear that civilization had emerged largely intact. So I added some entries for a few weeks in December 1999 and January 2000. It’s not exactly When Prophecy Fails, but you might find it interesting.

Dear God, I Hope It’s the Latter

We’re all familiar with these links on Amazon.com, pointing you toward alternate versions of the item you’re looking at. (As a consumer, I’m all for them, but as an author I sort of wish they didn’t exist.)

In the case of this particular item, however, I was a bit taken aback to see this link.

The product in question: Bags On Board Refill Bags.

Hacktracking, Spitzer Edition

“Client 9 From Outer Space”: 53 results and counting.

UPDATE: We’re up to exactly 100 as of 3:21 PM EDT!

Despite the theme of my novel, today I find nothing amusing about date-and-time-related software errors

I’d love to post something about the series finale of The Wire, but I can’t, because I haven’t seen it yet. Why? Because someone at Time Warner Cable thought a swell way to handle Daylight Saving Time would be to shift the times of all the shows an hour ahead. Meaning that although I programmed my DVR on Friday to record The Wire on Sunday, it started recording at 10:00, which by that time was actually 10:00.

Thank you, Time Warner Cable!

Breaking: Small Landmass Discovered Adjacent to Connecticut

This just sort of struck me as funny.

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