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THE END AS I KNOW IT Now Available in Paperback

Anchor Books has released the softcover edition of The End as I Know It: A Novel of Millennial Anxiety. It has a great new cover, designed by Helen Yentus.

Look for it at your favorite bookstore. If they don’t have it, ask them what in the world they’re thinking, not carrying this book. But not in a belligerent way. Or you can find it on And apparently, it’s also available for the Kindle. I’ve never actually seen a Kindle, but someone out there must have them—they’re sold out!

In other news, I had a feature called On This Day Pre-Y2K on this site when the TEAIKI hardcover came out. I stopped maintaining it in May; it was time-consuming, and the material gets rather repetitive after a while. But this past December, as the “pre-Y2K” window approached the Y2K rollover itself, I thought it might be interesting to check in on what some of the “doombrood” were saying immediately prior to the dreaded date—and immediately after, as it became clear that civilization had emerged largely intact. So I added some entries for a few weeks in December 1999 and January 2000. It’s not exactly When Prophecy Fails, but you might find it interesting.

Y2K Glossary

In the 1999-vintage material I’ve been posting to On This Day Pre-Y2K, and in The End as I Know It, you’ll find a number of terms and names that were part of the everyday vocabulary of the Y2K subculture, but whose meaning probably won’t be clear to anyone who wasn’t involved in the online anxiety of that period. So I’ve compiled a Y2K Glossary.

I won’t have time to go through each OTDPY2K item and asterisk the occurrences of these terms, but if you come across something that needs explanation and isn’t already included here, please post a comment below or email me. Also feel free to speak up if you think a particular definition needs correction or expansion.

Welcome to

Hi. I’m Kevin Shay. My first novel, The End as I Know It: A Novel of Millennial Anxiety, is coming out next week. In conjunction with the release of the book, I’m launching this site and blog.

Although I’ve worked extensively with blogging software, I’ve never actually published a personal blog before, and frankly, it was on my list of things I sort of hoped to go to my grave without having done. But publication has forced my hand, so here we are. It promises to be a thrilling foray into the world of unasked-for self-disclosure.

Those of you who have visited my other site will be relieved to learn that I am far too lazy to attempt to integrate all the stuff there into this site. So except for the “Writing” section being moved to the Other Writing section here, will remain moribund as is for the time being. will focus on the novel, this blog, and other writing-related material.


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