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December 24, 1998 Permalink

Everyone who’s put a higher priority on this Clinton escapade then the Y2k Issue really needs to get slapped.

While you all divert the nations attention from the one issue that has needed addressed the last two years we have ran out of time.

What will be the lasting effects 20 years from now, on Clinton lying about having an affair UNDER oath - perjuring himself... and WHAT will be the effects of an entire nation focused on that for two years, while the most important issue facing us - has been widely ignored.

We will all be paying the price in 2 years - for this nations OBSESSION with Bill Clinton.

If all the time/ energy and money this nation has put into nailing Bill Clinton in the last two years, had been put to addressing this Y2k Issue - it MAY have been a bump in the road.

Jan 1 2000 - take a look in the mirror - and realize it was you - and the millions like you - obsessed with something that REALLY means nothing compared to the real important issue of 1995-2000.

—Y2K Whit, comp.software.year-2000, 12/24/98

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