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December 29, 1998 Permalink

I do most sincerely wish that the consequences of Y2K will totally disestablish the perversion that we have in Washington. It can no longer be corrected in a civil manner. It is a cancer that has metastesized beyond excision. Will there be suffering as a result of that? Yes, there will be suffering. But, it is only in your PERVERSE mind that you could twist and distort that to mean that someone looks forward to and relishes the idea of suffering. The fact that you could even say such is evidence of your ill will and dementia.

The united States government has abrogated its responsibility to live up to the Constitution. it is a total perversion of everything for which the constitution stands. Maybe you don’t think so. And there were many Tories in 1776 that wanted to remain under allegiance to the crown. How many of the Tories made the objection that the revoloutionary’s bent was to induce suffering? Not one. At least they were honest in a way that you are not.

And so, finally, do I want to see the collapse of the united States government as it is presently constituted? Yes. Do I wish to bring that about by armed insurrection? No. Do I think that the consequences of Y2K will bring it down? Yes. Am I happy about that? You Bet! Will that cause suffering? Yes, it will cause a lot of suffering. Does that mean that I ‘want’ suffering.?

No, you unmitigated ass. But I am rapidly arriving at the point where I would make an exception in your case.

—Paul Milne, comp.software.year-2000, 12/29/98

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