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February 27, 1999 Permalink

In ordinary life, apart from Y2K, the solution was, as we know, “move the deadline out a year, two years, five years.” That is what the Postal Service itself has done for decades.

It’s too late for deadline-shifting.

The USPS is going down. If we’re lucky, “down” will mean a crippled operation with a big hit on national productivity minimal and consumer confidence (and, not unlike banks, consumer confidence in the mail is everything, or else, why drop a letter into the (black)mail box)?

If we’re unlucky, the entire system will stop completely: this one can’t be done with mailmen carrying mail on their horses between cities, states and regions. GI?

Even if the entire thread has gone over your head, focus on this one thing: the Postal Service, like the banks, HAS to function nearly perfectly to function AT ALL (because of its nearly totally automated structure). But, unlike the banks, which, right or wrong, at least CLAIM to be 95% compliant RIGHT NOW, the Postal Service is manifestly a Y2K disaster. You tell me from this auditor’s analysis how compliant they are. What? You can’t? Exactly. They can’t even MEASURE it, they’re so confused.

Apparently, someone forgot to tell them that they are a critical CONTINGENCY PLAN for our nation in 2000 (if you understand the irony of this, you will ROTF). In other words, the Postal Service will help keep the country glued together.

Now, to the reality of it, no fooling: unreliable delivery of social security, Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements, welfare and, yes, bills and invoices. Or .... no delivery. On top of unreliable COMPUTATION of those very same items by the nation’s governments and businesses.

The result? Book it: national chaos, beginning about 1/15/2000.

—BigDog, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 02/27/99

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