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Y2K is about ...

Learning to trust yourself.

Trusting your intuition on what kind of preparations are “appropriate” for your and yours, no matter what “others” say. It’s a right of passage into self-authority.

Trusting yourself to stand strong in the face of scoffing family and friends. Sticking to what you KNOW is right for you, rather than what is perceived as socially “wrong” as defined by popular opinion. It’s the willingness to step outside the closed box of mass consciousness.

Learning to trust that the “right” things will come to you and the “right” time -- information, knowledge, wisdom, material goods, teachers, helpers, and inspiration. Some call it Faith.

Perhaps, Y2K is the test of trust, at all levels.

—Diane J. Squire, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/31/99

I don’t mean to be a whacko conspiracy nut.... but I was thinking.. Wouldn’t it be convenient for our government if there was a widespread computer virus right around the end of the first quarter of 1999 ? Just about the time that some government (here and abroad) agencies and corporations’ fiscal year was about to turn over... just about the time that the US gov’t agencies have a major deadline (March 31,1999) for Y2K compliance. That would provide an excellent cover for any Y2K problems and could be brushed off as the work of some demented virus writer. Imagine that ! Just 5 days before the quarterly rollover, “Melissa” starts... and then “Papa” shows up - 5 days before the US gov’t agencies deadline.

And it also is a mutating macro virus. So it is harder to spot and stop. I can hear it now, Example excuse: “Due to the damage done by the recent computer viruses, we’ve been unable to compile all of the recent compliance data.” I know this idea may sound nuts... but really... to what extent is our gov’t willing to go to bury the Y2K threat. They have been discounting every Y2K related accident so far. Peachbottom : Ooops human error - typed in the wrong date GIVE ME A BREAK! - These scientists are running tests on a NUKE and they don’t double check every entry - every step - every procedure ?? NJ Social Services: Oooops human error - typed in the wrong date GIVE ME A BREAK !

It baffles me that the spin meisters are taking this ” No big deal - don’t worry - don’t prepare” attitude.

—Tom Quinn, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 03/31/99

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