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April 16, 1999 Permalink

I ahve been thinking about y2k and how Clinton will respond. I have added it to the 0 to 10 senarios. If y2k is a 0-2,(yeah right!)that Clinton will declare that he was responcible for soving the problem, and give some of the credit to “the father of the internet” AlGore. He will also kill some survivalists in raids(read: ruby ridge and WACO) and claim theey were terrorists. If y2k is a 3-5, then he will blame the survivalists and “fenaticlcristian deathwishers” for the damare that was caused, pass more uncomsttituional laws and take more freedoms away. He will also have many raids on survivalsts and turn the population against us. (read: persicution). If y2k is a 6-9, then hee will pin the computer failures on AlGore, using him as a fall guy, and pin the panic(which will be called a much wworse problem) on ” deathwish” christians, “corrupt jewish bankers” and “waco survialists”. He will declare marshal law, and call in the help of the UN. He will take over and call for a “purge against us. There will be a worldwide use of us as scapegoats, and we will be herded into extermination camps. If its a 10, than he will blame us, and then call for a purge again, but will face collape, and run like the like coward he is. If WWIII comes out of the kosovo situation, than he will manuver america to bee defeated, and become a collaaborator for our enemies, and write about how he did it.

—Crono, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/16/99

Some people question how much preperation is too much. Some try to figure out a dollar limit to spend on their Y2K insurance. Me, I’m a skinflint. I pinch pennys so hard they scream. So how did Mr. Cheap justify spending on preps’ for an unpredictable event? I slanted all preps towards items that I cold use anyway. This wasn’t very hard for me because I needed new camping gear, am interested in an enviromentally friendly home, and I like to cook from scratch. I always planned to have a pantry, always believed a citizen should learn how to use a rifle and administer first aid. And I have been underwhelmed with the competence of government and the product of dumbed down schools. After taking all that in to account, there wasn’t much that I wouldn’t have purchased anyway. The timing is all that changed. And think about this, if nothing happens but we all choose to maintain a level of readyness, our society becomes that much more resilent. And it makes for a pretty good civil defence program. If we all augument our homes with solor power cells and batteries, we not only cut down on our bills and air pollution, but strengthen the power grid as well by adding available wattage. If we all grow some food in a garden, we get a healthier diet and fresher vegetables. Down side? There may be a glut of what ever goods and services that we cut down on. Should have some economic effects.

—eyes_open, Time Bomb 2000 Forums (LUSENET), 04/16/99

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