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Thanks, You Guys! My Purrday Celebration Was MEGAULTRAPAWSOME!

Hello everypawdy! Thank you fur joining me in another FURday column, and as I promised, today is going to be all about ME (like was about someone else EVER), and my PURRDAY! Sometimes in life we need to have a budget purrty and even when I didn’t have any cool decorations, I was happy with my Fancy Feast cake and getting lots of pampering from my momma. What else I can ask? Oh well — my momma say that we have to be a romantic fur survive when you are broke lol.

Thanks to you guys, I got many purrsents fur my purrday — so my shopaholic needs were MORE than covered, yeeiii!! I Love You Guys!

Let’s start with my celebration pics. My celebration was fur three days: yeii, like a big fancy weeding. I wore that day a gorgeous satin dress that my furriend Kelly Wolf sent me long time ago, this was the purrfect time fur wear it.

O-M-G guys look what Seamus (everypawdy should know who is Seamus by now) sent me SOOO MANY STUFFS!! Thanks so much to him and his momma, Jackie! I LOVE everything!!! Too generous! 

Girls, don’t get jealous! Furst i couldn’t believe it, I looked around fur a long time with a “Holy Kittens” face!

My furriend Anna Shelton sent me this funny card, that child purrson is my kind of child purrson! I would like to go shopping with her, she looks the kind of shopaholic that doesn’t care fur the prices! LOL

Bill, PG, Callie, and Mattie are fanfurriends from North Caroline and they sent me this pawsome card, a kitty in a blond wig! Thanks guys! Note fur myself: This reminds me that I have a pink wig that I haven’t wear yet.

Thanks a lot to my FAB group of girls that sent me this card! Lynn Davis, Anna Shelton, Ann Marie Goldstein, Kelly Haberek Wolf, Lynn Davis, Martina-Rose Wiggin, Jayne Morehouse, Linda Vyse Condilli, Beth Gaskins, and Dennia Barcelo. They also donate to my favorite charity, COAT. SUPERMEGAULTRAPAWSOME girls!

My furriend Jennifer Brown and furchilds Jake, Chyna, and Sophie that live in Ontario Canada, have been my fanfurriend fur long time. Last year they sent me a Hello Kitty fur my purrday. Thanks a lot, guys, fur sending me a super cute card.

After I opened all those crown cards, I started to get issues … just take a look at my Lunatoon.

Then guess what? I opened a purrsent that had a CUPCAKE catnip blankie from Zack and Zoey!


A CATNIP blankie!

Sorry, I got too excited …

They are my fans from Catster, so I hope you guys are reading my column today, Thanks a lot!! I had to use it right away, I got catnip EVERYWHERE FUR REALS!.

Fur some reason I got very very sleepy after all the excitement …

 Since I got sleepy I decided to keep celebrating the next day. On Sunday I wore a purrple two-pieces outfit. Very cute, very sassy.

Oh, guys, I’m super lucky because I’m TOTALLY addicted to All About…Yoshi! Dog Bows & More bows and they sent me two gorgeous bows! Fur sure, I need a new outfit fur that blue bow! lol. Thanks a lot, Diana!

Also I got a belated Easter purrsent from Ana Shelton, but I think is always a good time fur a monkey with bunny ears, thanks girl!

Thanks a lot to my furriend Lynn Davis who sent me a supermegacool card and treats! She makes the CUTEST dresses; take a look at Off the Leash Custom Pet Couture!

OMG super good those treats FUR REALS!! I go BANANAS fur them!

 Zack & Zoey also sent me this beautiful card, are they super cute or what??

On the third day of celebrations, I opened my last purrsent while wearing a SUPERMEGAFAB pink and gray tutu outfit, very sophistiCATed.

My furriend Valerie Hallam that lives super far sent me sooo many stuffs. 

Like, a thousand bows, a dress, catnip ball, chocolates fur my momma, Hello Kitty placemat, and OMG a super purrrsonalized card, LOVE IT GIRL thanks sooo much fur everything!!

You know, guys, now that I’m four, I have learned many things — but the most imPURRtant one is that I thought I could handle catnip like a responsible furchild bu t… I guess not!

And with that Lunatoon we finished my purrday celebration, guys!

My momma is going this weekend to check my love box, so don’t worry if you don’t see your card in this post, okay?

See you next week, and don’t furget to check out my cute Purrsians in need at my rescue page. If you are not my furriend on Catster, what are you waiting fur?

And last but not least, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a safe weekend, everypawdy!